About Us

Monday Casual is Australian Made Sustainable Designer eyewear.

The old way

Unsustainable labor policies

Unsustainable materials

Cheap & nasty lenses

No focus on the environment

Outsource everything


The MC Way

Made in Australia

Sustainable materials sourcing

Highest quality optics

Constant environmental focus

Australian based team

From $159 AUD

The Mission

At Monday Casual we design & produce high quality designer eyeglasses & sunglasses in Australia. Our mission is clear. Make glasses in Australia, or not at all.


Australian Made

You bloody beauty! Australian made eyewear, made from biodegradable, recycled and sustainable materials! You betcha. Our frames are made in Australia using top quality machinery and Aussie' locals. Every piece hand made to precise measurements.


Our Materials

At Monday Casual we believe sustainable materials are the only materials worth using. All our frame materials are either recycled, biodegradable, use high levels of renewable sources, & use far less water. Our materials use limited amounts or no amounts of fossil fuel based products. We have partnered with a leading chemical product company to bring a unique & exclusive Acetate to the Australian market. Made from 62% or more renewable materials, this brand new Acetate boasts 100% biodegradability, with full degradation in 80 days using professional equipment, the process uses a lot less water consumption, and is covered by numerous international certifications. Our acetate is Phthalate & Plasticizer free, by instead using wood pulp to maintain it's core structure, meaning it is incredibly skin friendly.

Our 3D glasses use futuristic Nylon materials that are made from castor beans and large lasers put together, colliding in a modern technology mix called 'Selective Laser Sintering', these machines can use up to 70% less materials & water than other glasses production methods.