To be good humans, we must take action to have sustainable manufacturing. At Monday Casual we're focused on trying our best to create a sustainable company. This is a complex & expensive issue to solve, every product made has an impact on the resources of our planet. Some of the immediate steps we as a company can focus on are.


We've taken steps to make products that last.

We don't buy off the shelf frames from factories, because we cannot know how they are made. Each frame is made for us, or by us, by hand, in line with what we believe.


We're taking steps to make sure all factories we work with realise that sustainable manufacturing is in the best interest of all  

We use BIO acetates, or Recycled acetates in all our frames. They are better than the non BIO acetates. 

We're looking at our packaging and trying to make its use less impactful.

We're working with shipping companies that are actively trying to lower their emissions. Most of our shipments are now carbon neutral.


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