Blue Light Filters

Our blue light filters are better.


The problem:

You may have heard the news, blue light filters or computer screen lenses/glasses are a hit, and people are swarming to buy blue light glasses online, and in stores, that tote amazing medical qualities, but do they work?

We've seen a lot of so called 'science' around how blue light filters can reduce headaches, assist with sleep, and alleviate headaches. The answer to whether or not blue light filters can do these medical miracles is, 'maybe' and 'it depends'. A lot of cheap lenses are really just terrible pieces of plastic, made from materials that are no better than looking through a plastic water bottle. There are lenses that don't even use optical plastics. Instead these companies use standard plastic used in commercial purposes to create all kinds of things that are not meant for correcting vision. How safe are these plastics near your eyes? Personally, i wouldn't want anything that is untested near my eyes, and neither should you.

The next thing is, are the coatings these companies provide actually doing anything? There are cheap ways to add blue light filters to lenses, and that's by simply coating the lenses with a blueish coating, to us, it's ugly, or tinting the lenses red or yellow using dyes, again, no thanks, not for us. You will often see these lenses shown on Instagram as a cure all for every ailment you might have. More often than not, they're simply not going to work or do anything. Possibly even make matters worse.  

Ok, but why could the above make my head aches worse? If you are already looking through a lens that isn't made especially for optical properties, then you're going to strain your eyes trying to focus. If these cheap lenses are foggy, have fingerprints, dirt or scratches, you've just caused more harm than good. The tints or coatings could make screens harder to read, it could make text more reflective, or you could increase glare. None of these problems with cheap lenses are going to have the required effect you might have been looking for whilst ordering your blue light glasses. It is best to consult your optometrist if you are having on going vision problems. 



What can i look for in the future?


Here's a simple wish list. 

1. Are the lenses an optical grade plastic or glass?

2. Is the laboratory that makes the lenses producing A+ quality?

3. Are the coatings industry leading?

4. Do the lenses have Anti Scratch, Anti Reflective, Anti Oil coatings?

5. Are the lenses without coatings or colours that could harm your eyesight?

6. Do the lenses block UV from within the lenses?

If the brand you're buying your glasses from doesn't have the above, move on. Because you're looking for quality blue light filters or screen glasses after all. 

At Monday Casual we do not sell cheap lenses and we never will. Our blue light filters or screen glasses are never harsh yellows, as we found that increases glare. Instead the coating we use is one of the best on the market, without turning your face into a banana, tomato or blueberry. All lenses on every order come with anti reflective which reduces glare from reflections, anti scratch which reduces damage to lenses such as fine lines, anti oil which keeps lenses from getting foggy, and anti EMI which helps with screens specifically. 

All this sounds like what you're looking for in your blue light blocking glasses? Order today and try our glasses for 30 days. we know you will love them. 

Love, Monday Casual.