Non prescription blue light glasses that are in stock will ship next business day. Prescription lenses can take up to 10 business days, as these are cut to order.

Shipping times are slightly slower by 1-3 days. Packaging may come without branding due to supply shortages.

We don't offer rebates at this time. Better yet, use Afterpay instead.


Your prescription is yours to own. You do not need to purchase frames to get your prescription. So walk down to your local optometrist and get your eyes checked already. Just make sure to let them know you want your script to go.

Depending on your prescription you will be fitted in a lens that is a 1.56-1.67 index. There is no charge for higher index lenses if they are needed. The choice depends on the lab technician fulfilling your order. They're the experts, so don't worry, you'll always get the perfect lens that matches your prescription.

We currently fulfill prescriptions that are within the following range:
SPH (Sphere) of -6/+6
CYL (Cylinder) of -4/+4
AXI (Axis) up to 180
ADD (Addition) up to +3.50

Your PD (pupillary distance), is the distance between each pupil. Be sure to ask your optometrist for this when provided with your scripts.

Our frames

All our frames are hand made by skilled technicians, each frame is cut from a single piece of acetate, where it is then hand shaped and polished to match our engineering drawings. The process has been around for hundreds of years. Although the machines have improved.

We use acetate, acetate is an amazing material, it is hypoallergenic, bendable, and more durable then plastic. It also has a lower environmental impact than plastic. There have large strides in biodegradable acetates and we're looking at using recycled acetates. We have made the decision to not use plastic, as plastic impacts the environment for an exceedingly long time, whilst also being brittle, lowering the life time of the product.

Our frames are currently made in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is one of the best places in the world to manufacture hand made glasses. Our frames are made alongside many other big brand names.

We like to believe they're great. With the best components from Germany/Italy/Japan and China. You'd think they'd be great. You're always covered under our 30-day return policy, as well as our 12 month warranty.

Our Lenses

We do not sell polarized lenses due to the following reasons. Our sunglass lenses come with specialized anti reflective & anti-glare coatings, these lenses are comfortable whilst blocking a considerable amount of glare from sources such as clouds, roads & outdoor settings. Polarized lenses have a tendency to block devices with screens, such as car dashboards, TV's, laptops and phones. Polarized lenses also cause a rainbow effect on modern devices, meaning you will most likely take your glasses off. Polarized lenses are also spherical, meaning the distortion of your field of view is higher. We believe you'll be more than happy in our Sunglasses, so like all other purchases from Monday Casual, you have 30 days free returns.

Our lenses are made using a polymer from an incredibly large Japanese company called Matsui. Imagine good, then times it by Japanese quality. That's Matsui. The absolute best lenses are made using Matsui.

We use a variety of very high-quality premium lens designs. There is a choice of basics that many laboratories offer, we said, 'skip that', give us your best.

Aspherical lenses mean the lenses you get are flatter, lighter and have much less distortion. You can research this or just trust us, we tried spherical lenses and it's terrible

The best way to describe our lenses is, relaxing. Crystal clear, lightweight, optically comfortable & high quality. We've been told it's like having a bath. For your eyes.

We include anti-scratch, anti-reflective and anti-oil coatings. They call this SHMC in the industry. It is the top level of optometry addons. We said 'what's the best?' and then we stuck with it.

You bet. Both our clear lenses and sunglasses lenses block harmful UV. This is done at the polymer level, not as a coating, which other cheaper lenses do.

On our clear lenses we offer a high quality Blue Block coating, this coating adds extra comfort for computer & phone use by reducing UV between 400-420. Our coating does this without being super yellow like other lenses.

Our multifocal lenses work by providing both reading and distance vision in one lens. It's pretty cool technology with lots of science involved. They're also classified as readers, or computer glasses, if your script has an ADD part, then you need multifocal lenses or another name that you may hear is 'progressives'.

Our multifocal designs are the absolute best you can get. The viewing range on our multifocal is wider, longer and more comfortable than many we've worn, that cost much, much more. If you wear multifocal lenses, you might notice some days your eyes are tired, objects are swimming or things look blurry. Our lenses will help with this, as the designs are highly digital.

Shipping policy

Nothing. It's FREE.

We ship worldwide. Shipping/Returns are Free within Australia only.

You can see the statements of our logistics providers here

We use DHL/UPS/FedEx for international to Australia & Australia Post within Australia at this time.

Returns and exchanges

You can return your items to us after contacting support to initiate a return. Items must be sent using Australia post satchel and be well protected. We will help you with this part when you contact support.

If for any reason you would like to return your item within 30 days, contact support and we will get the items returned to us for a replacement, refund or store credit. Items must arrive undamaged/unused.

Nothing, zilch, nada, nil, null. I can't think of any more words for nothing at this time. In other words, it's FREE.

Product Care

We recommend keeping your glasses out of the sun/heat, don't leave them in your car on the dashboard, don't put them in saltwater, and try to keep them clean with fresh water & soap. Don't drop them or sit on them, as our frames are hand made, more often than not, your frames can be massaged back to good health.

Yes! Being acetate and handmade means any optometrist can easily adjust your frames within minutes.

Soap & water works very well with our lenses due to the anti-oil coating. A microfiber cloth helps too, but we find just soap will do it for our lenses.

If you are new to wearing glasses, new to wearing a prescription or new to multifocal lenses, give your eyes 14 days to adjust to new lenses. If after this time you are still feeling that your vision isn't clear enough, contact us about possible remedies. We check our lenses before shipping against your prescription to make sure that the lens is correct. Sometimes your prescription worked well in the chair but doesn't work in the real world. You can consult your optometrist as well.


Yes, log in to your account and save your prescription for later use. You can find this prescription again when on the product page. Pretty nifty we think.

You can reset your password on the login page, enter your email and you will receive an email to reset your password.

Simply sign up on the account page. You will then have access to saving your prescriptions for easier future orders.